Qt Ogre3D

Ogre3D with Qt

It is possible to use Ogre3D with Qt using external window feature of Ogre, yet this very crude solution and many of the Qt’s features are omitted. I am working currently on better integration Qt with Ogre3D:

  • using Qt’s resource system
  • using QOpenGLContext and QWindow for rendering
  • using QImage for texture loading
  • using qmake only for building

Seems like all the pieces are in place (application and resources are all prepared) but so far the window is broken. I am aiming at creation of contact project with no-dependency. Currently only libz is required. The final bundle is consists of two files (OS X build):

  • application: SampleBrowser (32MB)
  • resources: SampleMedia.rcc (152MB)

PS1. I am progressing a lot with the integration. Drawing seems to be finally fine (problem with handling retina display):

PS2. I managed all issues related to porting to qmake build files. All demos working now fine:

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