Software developer, graphics designer, and games-development fan from Poznań, Poland. I love making stuff in code, 2D, and 3D.

Nowadays, I mostly work with C++ and Qt at home and Swift/iOS at work - although I’m known to pick up C#/.NET/Xamarin, Java/Android SDK, Python, and JavaScript/Angular, HTML, and CSS too from time to time. I’d even use Shell Script if it gets the job done.

I do a lot of 3d graphics development and design - using Ogre3D and Unreal Engine with modeling in Blender/SketchUp and composing in Photoshop.

I’ve worked at Poznań University of Technology, Allegro, Nokia and many other during last 25 years.

Now I’m working at Roche IT department, creating various products for pharma company.

Contact me at piecuch.pawel@komsoft.ath.cx!